Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Many businesses now need an extra layer of protection between employees and customers to follow reopening orders.

Are you in retail, restaurants, or convenience stores?

Our acrylic sneeze guards will help maintain social distancing rules and reinforce public health practices. These clear plastic barriers, also known as splash shields, help safeguard workers and guests from the spread of seasonal or airborne illnesses by creating physical spacing between people.

For use in shopping centers, c-stores, and food services, our acrylic sneeze guards prevent cross-contamination from one area into another, especially for liquids.

Maintain cleanliness in your workplace or public space with plastic splash boxes that are easy to wash, and easier to install. Our acrylic sneeze guards are ideal for any point-of-sale countertop, including cash registers, and any other high-traffic area such as bank tellers, coffee shops, reception desks, and take-out pick-up locations.

Including a clear physical barrier between employees and guests, your business can convey a message that it is taking the necessary precautions to protect everyone involved, which is a notion that we are positive each guest will appreciate.

What is an acrylic sneeze guard used for?

  • Usually a plastic screen, these splash shields were originally designed to prevent food contamination in restaurants, buffets, and take-out areas. Clear sneeze guards have since found a home in a number of industries, often creating space between c-store clerks, bank tellers, and receptionist and their customers. This protects both employees and guests from the spread of infectious illnesses, especially in peak seasons.
  • Clean your sneeze guard at room temperature with warm water and a mild soap or detergent solution for best results. Our customers choose these splash shields because they are easy to remove and re-install between shift cleanings, helping to maintain a healthy, sterile, environment for all who visit.
  • These plastic sneeze guards are most commonly used to prevent liquid spills, airborne contaminants, or viruses from spreading – however, other industries tend to use these as well including doctors’ offices. Create a level of physical distance and security with a plastic barrier.
The spread of illness is something all workplaces should want to avoid, both to maintain a healthy and happy workforce, and to ease the minds of customers who visit. By showing everyone that you are invested in protecting the health of those who decide to frequent your location, you are in turn promoting the longevity and health of our business. Use these clear plastic sneeze guards to protect food in bakeries and grocery stores, create space for retail employees, and safeguard your customers. See the CDC rules on retail client interactions in using a plastic sneeze guard for your business.
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